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A violation of College order and discipline could lead to a student's discharge from the College, depending upon the severity of transgression. Under-mentioned actions are strictly forbidden:


  • Use of abusive and unbecoming language
  • Unseemly behaviour, immoral leanings and possession of weapons, including sharp objects
  • Smoking, use of intoxicants and banned drugs
  • Willful damage to college property
  • Use of unfair means in the examination
  • Membership of any political organization and participation in processions and public meeting
  • Rude behavior towards any member of the college staff
  • Absence from classes and other college activities without genuine reason/prior permission
  • Borrowing money
  • Betting and gambling
  • Gross violation of college rules enforced from time to time
  • Possession of prohibited items like mobile phones, undesirable CDs/literature, cameras, listening devices and the like involvement of parents or guardians in scuffle or similar undesirable behavior with any member of the college staff.


Notes: The Principal shall have full authority to fine, punish or expel a student anytime if he finds the involvement of any student in the above mentioned actions.