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Financial Discipline

The following penalties will be imposed on the students whose fee/dues are not deposited within the due date:-


1st Month of the Quarter: Rs 20/- per day after the due date

2nd Month of the Quarter: Rs 50/- per day


The name of the student will be struck off if dues are not paid by the end of 2nd month of the quarter. If re-admission on request of parents is allowed, re-admission charges in addition to the late fee fine will be charged.


The dues of the boarders are payable in advance on the yearly basis.

However, for convenience of the parents, these may be paid in quarterly installments as follows:-


1st Quarter (January to May): Payable latest by 15 February

2nd Quarter (April to June): Payable latest by 15th May

3rd Quarter (July to September): Payable latest by 15th August

4th Quarter (October to December): Payable latest by 15 November.