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Aims and Objectives

Learning being the core value of the institution, it is the duty of the faculty and the staff to create an educational environment that ensures mental growth and positive social change in the students. By giving students an intellectually healthy and knowledge-sharing environment, the College aims at providing the students an opportunity to shape their future. This is ensured by cultivating a culture of civility, encouraging academic excellence, focusing on character-building and monitoring social grooming. The institution imbibes the spirit of self-reliance and sense of responsibility that go a long way in shaping the lives of students in a wholesome manner. In short, they are handed the inspiration to justifiably embrace the motto, 'To What Heights Can I Not Rise!' The College, through an array of activities, inculcates ethical values, sociability skills, habits and pastimes, mess and dress etiquettes, health and hygiene, confidence and character as well as correct religious and spiritual leanings in the students. Concerted efforts are made to infuse national spirit in them; morning assembly is held daily, where the recitation from the Holy Quran is followed by a speech by a student on inspirational, patriotic, moral and ethical themes. All national days and religious festivals are celebrated with due fervour and solemnity to infuse in students a spirit of fulfilling national and religious obligations. Elaborate functions are also organized on important days. Teaching of nazra Quran, meanings of prayer and speeches on religious topics form part of religious training. The students are also taught respect for all religions and cultures to sow in them the seeds of tolerance which are the hallmarks of true education. Ethics is taught more by precept and example than by instruction. The teachers not only lead by personal example, they constantly point the way for morally acceptable behaviour. Reward and punishment are discharged through an established system of green and red slips respectively.


It is firmly believed that nurturing of students outside the classroom is as important as it is inside. Therefore, college provides multiple co-curricular activities. Formation of student guilds, such as Literary Club English, Literary Club Urdu, Model UN, Science Club, Fine Arts Club, Physical Fitness Club, Cyber Club, Gardening Club, Music Club, etc quench the youthful desire to expand itself over as many arenas as is humanly possible. Similarly, different contests such as of essay/story writing competitions, quizzes, debates, etc enhance the confidence and talent of our students and help them exhibit their potentialities in an informal environment. Spelling Bee, Quiz and Creative Writing contests add to the youths' confidence in discovering aptitudes within themselves. Students are also trained in the art of public speaking and represent their class and College within and outside the College. A variety of activities such as educational visits, excursions and festivities of sorts, are organized to lure minds into healthy amusement in life. Our prime aim is to widen interests in life, which we believe make for a complete human being.

Emphasis on Creativity and Innovation

Encouraging Creativity and Innovation in students is regarded as an important aspect of students' development and various platforms are provided to boost their hidden capacities. The Literary Society established at the College provides a forum where students express their literary talent. The Society holds regular meetings and is considered a forum for inspiring expression of latent abilities in impressionable youth. Members of the society also present their creative pieces at college level during morning assemblies once a month. Other avenues offered at the College to cultivate literary faculties include writing for the College Magazine, mandatory participation by all students in creative writing contests and research or survey assignments for vacation. The College lays necessary emphasis on the development of Public Speaking Skills. Inter-college speech contests, morning assemblies, discussions and seminars all converge to ensure a student's thorough acquisition of public speaking skills. To initiate an enduring interest in healthy entertainment and amusement, meaningful movies are screened for boarders at the auditorium from time to time. Social nights on Fridays and house-level get to-gathers are meant as a healthy interlude to break the routine. Such regular get to-gathers go a long way to ensure development of self-confidence in a boarder. The students are given various responsibilities through a proctorial system. The Students Council facilitates identification of students' problems and deliberates over their remedy in its regular meetings. 


The curriculum is selected for establishing progressive values, ensuring stable future and fostering innovation and ingenuity in students. The institution runs up to secondary 
classes at School Campus, whereas Intermediate, Bachelors and Masters classes are conducted at the College Campus. The institution is affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad for the traditional secondary and higher secondary education and with the University of Peshawar for Bachelors and Masters degrees. The College introduced Cambridge stream in the year 2011 with the Pre-junior Cambridge class, which has paved the way for O levels classes. The stream offers courses of study for three and a half years and the syllabus is prescribed by the University of Cambridge.

Medium of Instruction

Medium of teaching is English except a few cases when the nature of subject is different. While on campus, the students strongly are urged upon to communicate in English and develop good language skills, to ke ep themselves at par with international standards and demands. The study of Urdu as a subject is also developed to cultivate understanding of the nuances of national language as well as to value our proud linguistic heritage.

Teaching Facilities

Conventional classroom teaching is supplemented with modern training aids, as required for each subject. Multimedia projectors are installed in all the class rooms at college campus. Smart Board Technology in classrooms and Audio-visual equipment in all laboratories is provided to compound the studies and build greater understanding. In line with the wider development in computer science, the College maintains well-provided computer laboratories to impart the requisite computer skills to the students. Both campus libraries are equipped with the necessary resource on a variety of subjects. They regularly receive all important periodicals, which are subscribed keeping in view the student interests and pursuits. According to the plan, the libraries will continue to grow fast with regular intake of important titles in large numbers. At both campuses, regular library periods make an essential constituent of the scheme of studies to inculcate the habit of inquiry and analysis in students.

Medical Facilities

Being a residential institution for young boys, the College has adequate arrangements for providing first aid for minor injuries and ailments. The college has a 16-bed hospital, including medical care room for the boarders and a sickbay for the day scholars with Lady Medical Officer and nursing staff.

Physical Education

Physical Education is accorded priority at the College and the students are provided opportunities to groom their sporting talents. Both campuses have well-maintained playgrounds and the College employs a team of PT Instructors, led by a qualified Physical Training Teacher, to look after this important aspect of students' growth. All necessary sports equipment is provided to day scholars, particularly boarders who are especially encouraged to take part in hockey, football, cricket and athletics. Competitions are organized among the teams of different age groups according to their ability. In addition, regular PT and game periods continue throughout the year as an essential segment of monitored growth.