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Fee Structure

Fee And Other Charges

Admission Fee   Rs. 6000 
Security Deposit (Refundable)  Rs .7000  
Registration Fee Rs. 1000 
Building Fund   Rs. 6000
Maintenance Fund Rs. 5000
Magazine Rs.  600
Exam Fee   Rs. 500


Fee Day Scholars (Including Funds)

Class   Fee Per Month
Montessori Rs. 5445
Prep & I   Rs. 4487
II Rs. 4592
III Rs. 4897
IV Rs. 4999
V & VI Rs. 5374
VII   Rs. 5924
VIII Rs. 5717
Cambridge Rs. 6983
IX & X Rs. 6037



The following penalties will be imposed on the students whose fees/dues are not deposited within the due date:-

  • First 10 days after the due date: Rs 20/- per day
  • 20 days after the due date: Rs 30/- per day
  • 30 days after the due date: Rs 50/- per day
  • The name of a student will be struck off, if the dues are not deposited up to 30 days after the due date.
  • If re-admission on request of parents is allowed, re-admission charges in addition to the late fee fine will be charged.



  • The College authorities may be contacted if the fee bill is not received by 5 of every month.
  • Computer Fee Rs 90/- is charged from Classes IV-VII and IX-XII only.
  • A transfer certificate will not be issued until all the dues have been paid up to date. No student, particularly a boarder, is allowed to sit for any public examination or the College Annual Examination unless all outstanding dues have been paid.
  • Full fee will be charged from a new entrant for the quarter during which he joins the College. Similarly, in case of withdrawal, a student will have to pay full fee for the quarter in which he is withdrawn. A student who has not attended any recognized school shall pay full tuition fee from the beginning of the academic year.
  • The amount of fee may be submitted to the College through a bank draft drawn on Bank Al Falah, Mansehra Road (Abbottabad).
  • No Cheques and cash are accepted at the College. While remitting the dues, the name, class and account number of the student should be stated in the covering letter. It Facilitates quick acknowledgment.