Admission Policy


Students enter the institution primarily in the Pre-Montessori. Admission is granted on merit, determined on the basis of entrance test held early in the year. The date/place of test and interview is advertised through the press during the last quarter of the previous year. The applicants are tested in elementary English, Urdu and Mathematics. An interview is held to confirm performance in written test and to check general awareness and confidence of the child. The selection would depend upon the aggregate performance. Syllabus for the entrance test includes.

English, Urdu & Mathematics:

Recognition and writing of English and Urdu letters including filling of blanks identifying and naming the objects in words (including their spelling) are included in the test of English & Urdu. In the test of Mathematics, the recognition and writing of numbers in digits (1-50) including filling of blanks writing numbers in words (1-30) counting and writing the number of given objects recognition of shapes (including their spelling) are included.

Classes I to X:

Admissions during the session are granted in exceptional cases only, subject to candidate's performance in the written test and demonstrated performance.

The College reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without assigning any reason. The results of the Entry Tests for all classes are strictly confidential and cannot be challenged under any circumstances.

For admission to any class, a candidate must either be studying in that class or must have passed the previous class at the time of admission however, that class must have been passed within one year. Similarly for the Board classes, the time gap between the class in which admission is sought and the lower class passed, should not be more than one year.

Age limit for admission, as on the 1 March, is as follows:

Class Age
​Class ​Age
​Pre-Montessori ​​Department of 3-4 years ​V 10-11 years
​Montessori ​4-5 years VI ​11-12 years
Prep​ ​5-6 years
​VII 12-13 years
I 6-7 years ​VIII ​13-14 years
II 7-8 years ​IX ​14-15 years
III 8-9 years X 15-16 years
IV 9-10 years ---- ----