Rules & Regulation

Only authorized visitors are allowed to see the boys whose particulars should be communicated to the College through the Visitors Performa. Changes in visitors, if any, should be communicated to the College in writing.

The boarders are not allowed keep with them any item of clothing other than those specified in the prescribed outfit. Likewise, they are not allowed to keep prohibited items such as electronic gadget, toys, valuable watches, mobile phones, etc.

Parents/Guardians are not allowed to contact any student or teacher without prior permission of the Principal or, in his absence, the Chief Instructor/ Headmistress.

While every precaution is taken for the security and protection of each student, the College shall not be responsible for a student who plays truant and leaves the College without proper permission.

In case leave is needed under unavoidable circumstances, the College administration should be informed in time. All leave applications should be addressed to the Principal (Fax: 0992-9310130). Also, parents need to confirm whether the leave of their child has been accepted.