Why Choose Burn Hall?

Army Burn Hall College for Girls is a unique home of quality education from Pre-Montessori to Post Graduate for girls: an invaluable national asset and one the most prestigious educational institutions of Pakistan. Burn Hall is the best choice because at all levels it focuses all the three aspirations given below:


Students are chiseled into refined individuals with sound character, moral outlook and belief in ethical values. They are taught to respect their elders, show kindness to their juniors and be supportive towards their fellows. Honesty and integrity are our core values.


Burn hall broadens the canvas of students’ minds with the help of latest teaching techniques. The interactive and technology integrated environment enables them to satiate the queries related to their syllabi. Moreover, it enhances their capacity to think analytically in solving academic problems. Consequently they emerge as confident, composed and self-assured individuals.


Hallians are a unique breed playing an important part in the society. They are prepared to become cooperative and helpful citizens working for the betterment of the society. Special attention is given to improve their manners/etiquette so that they become cultured and disciplined members of society.