Historic Background

The idea of Burn Hall, derives from the stream "Burn" traversing close to a manor house "Hall" situated in Mill Hill (London). The foundations of the institution were, however, laid by the fathers of Mill Hill in 1943 far across the oceans in the scenic valley of Srinagar.

Following the partition, the missionaries moved into an equally charming Abbottabad to continue their calling, the provincial government of the day lent its hand in their re-rooting. Initially, a hotel building was used as school and after increase in the number of students; new blocks were added to it. Nine years later, in 1956 a separate campus for elder lads, Senior Burn Hall, was established in the suburbs of the growing town.

Burn Hall was managed by the Diocesan Board of Education Rawalpindi till January 1977, when the Pakistan Army took over as its patron. It was renamed as “Army Burn Hall”. The Chief of the Army Staff is its Patron and its administrative functioning is executed by a Board of Governors with Commander 10 Corps as its Chairman and Commandant Pakistan Military Academy as its Deputy Chairman. Intermediate level was started in 1991 and it undertook the running of graduation and master's classes in 1999 and 2003 respectively. Due to the ever-mounting strength of students a separate College campus for senior girls was built at Kakul Road in 2010. After addition of Montessori in 2015 and Pre-Montessori in 2016, Burn Hall is, as a veritable seat of learning, matchlessly educating students from Pre-Montessori to Post Graduate.

Standing on its proud past, it has become one of the best institutions in Pakistan. This cradle of excellence, since its establishment, is producing innumerable successful scholars, doctors, engineers, army officers, politicians, prominent professionals and numerous elegant brains those attained heights in serving the nation and humanity.