Why Choose Boarding?

Being a classic public school, Burn Hall continues its legacy of providing excellent boarding facilities to the students (boys) from Prep to VI grade. Education being our topmost priority, our focus is on discipline, inculcating sportsman spirit and nurturing high moral values in the young scholars. They are equipped with all the necessary qualities to face the challenges of the practical world.

The boarding provides an environment of academic excellence, character building, and social grooming with a view to producing creative, dynamic and well groomed students, who are self-aware individuals, motivated Muslims and dedicated Pakistanis.


The Institution is highly cognizant of the academic excellence of the boarders and for this purpose there are regular two hours classes after school time in afternoon under the supervision of Headmistress. The lessons are learned and revised during this time. Each housemistress conducts a Night Study after dinner in which homework and test preparation is done.


The boarders are encouraged to take maximum part in sports. Physical training instructors are present on campus all day to help, assist and supervise them in various games such as cricket, football, basketball, badminton etc. Wide playgrounds are open to them to exercise their favorite physical activities.


Every house is provided with a television set and the boarders can watch Cartoons or some other healthy and amusing entertainment programmes under the supervision of their respective housemistresses. Trips, social evenings, movie nights are also arranged for boarders so that they should not be bored of the routine and feel refreshed and happy.

Religiuos Education:

The boarders have regular Nazra classes every day in the evening by a Quran Teacher (Qari). They are also instructed to offer prayers in the on-campus mosque.

Medical Care:

Basic medical care is provided to the boarders on campus. There is an MI room headed by a doctor and assisted by a nurse. It takes care of students in case of minor illness. They are treated at CMH Abbottabad if there is some serious health issue.

messing Facility:

Wholesome, nutritious and good quality food is provided to the boarders, and in order to ensure that, there is a Mess Committee comprising college staff and headed by the administration officer.

Social Evenings:

Social evenings are held for the training and grooming of the boarders. The evenings are attended by the teachers as well. The boarders participate in these programmes with great enthusiasm.

Other Activities:

The boarders take active part in games like cricket, hockey, football, badminton. Athletics and swimming competitions are also held. Other activities include regular PT, games, gymnastics and karate. The College also has its own band of young musicians, who display their expertise on all important ceremonies and events.